The short version: I'm a writer living in Brooklyn and probably several other clichés I'm not even self-aware about.

The longer version: In first grade I decided I wanted to be a triple threat: a writer, illustrator and basketball player. So I designed some business cards saying so and printed them out. (They featured a clip art quill and ink well.) I handed them out mostly to family members and classmates, and through this type of networking I found some freelance jobs creating greeting cards and things like that. After a lot of practice, however, I realized I could not draw to save my life and that writing was a lot more fun.

I scratched "illustrator" off my remaining cards and continued to pursue words and hoops.

During freshman year of college, I had to decide between basketball and writing for the school paper. Chances were much higher that I could go pro as a writer than a basketball player, so I retired my jersey, lost my muscle weight and gained some whiskey weight. 

I stuck with the writing, first for a few newspapers in Pennsylvania and Maryland, then at a few agencies and publications (and ad school) in New York City. Now I'm at OLIVER Agency, where I work on a slew of Unilever accounts.

I still can't draw at all, and my jumpshot is far from what it used to be, but I still love writing more than I love anything else. (Except maybe reading, sitcoms, watching other people play basketball, Chinese food and watching other people play basketball while I eat Chinese food.)

Thank you for taking the time to check out some of my stuff. I hope you like it. Please contact me anytime at, 724-272-9357 or on Twitter @scottmuska. Maybe we can work together. Maybe we can have a few laughs. Hopefully, both.




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