At age 6 I decided I wanted to be a writer, illustrator and basketball player. I designed some business cards to help with self-promotion. (They featured clip art of a quill, inkwell and a hoop.) I gave them to family members and classmates, and through this type of networking I found some freelance jobs creating greeting cards, helping with English homework and ghostwriting the occasional love note.

After a lot of practice, I realized I couldn't draw well, so I scratched "illustrator" off my remaining cards.

During college, I had to decide between basketball and writing for the school paper. Chances were much higher that I could go pro as a writer than a basketball player (even though my jumper was pretty nasty), so I retired my jersey.

I stuck with the writing.

Right now I'm a senior copywriter at thelab.

Thank you for taking the time to check out some of my stuff. I hope you like it. I'm at and 724-272-9357 if you ever want to talk about stuff.

                               This is what I look like.

                              This is what I look like.