CHALLENGE: Promote Season 3 of Netflix's hit series Black Mirror—a show that explores techno-paranoia and the potential dark sides of technological advancement.

IDEA: On the premiere date, launch a dark, vaguely dystopian version of Mashable, populated with (fictional) articles and essays about the way technology might affect us in the future.


A tiny team of writers and designers ideated and created full day's worth of content for the site—with the focus that each piece could conceivably be the jumping off point for an episode of the series. (I wrote a bunch of them, along with a slew of stories that freaked the brand out enough that they didn't run them. These were about porn, mostly.). And we even got Mashable CEO Pete Cashmore to write something. (He doesn't do that much anymore. We actually don't really know what he does anymore.) Here are a few of them:



[Click for the Pete Cashmore contribution.]

[Click for the Pete Cashmore contribution.]