ThoughtMatter applied consumer branding and design principles to the Constitution—a document that had never really been branded before, in hopes doing so would elevate the important messages contained in the document and spark an ongoing, multi-faceted movement around its importance. We chose to do so in 2017 for obvious reasons.

We started by redesigning the Constuttion to make it more visually exciting and easy to read. (I'll send you a copy if you like.) Then, through an awareness campaign, several client partnerships and some crowdfunding help, we set out to get as many copies as possible into the hands of the nation's students. We call the whole thing the FOR THE PEOPLE PROJECT. Here's the website and ThoughtMatter's case study.

At this point, I can't even come close to quantifying how many words I've written about the Constitution.




We launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund printing and shipping costs to send our Constitutions to schools across the country. When a backer chose a reward tier that included a copy of the book, we pledged to print and send an additional copy to a school on their behalf. We raised more than $15,000 in a month.

Every day, we posted fresh content to our channels before, during and after the Kickstarter campaign, keeping momentum going and updating followers on how the project was progressing.


A video hosted by comedian and HQ Trivia host Scott Rogowsky helped illustrate the disconnect between many citizens and the Constitution. This was the warmest shoot day of my life.

I (hesitantly) starred in a mock press conference video gave a brief explanation of the project and what we hoped to achieve.


I wrote every single word of the FOR THE PEOPLE PROJECT website. In 48 hours.




CD: Anna Milivojevich
DESIGNERS: Wednesday Kraus / Jee-Eun Lee
CW: Scott Muska